Project Management

Lucomco Development offers Project Management Services for clients who wish to purchase their own lots

Our Objective
  • To ensure that building your own home is a smooth and pleasant experience


Project Management
  • Determine your needs and assist you in the design of your house plan (optional) – Customer may supply their own house plans
  • Provide detailed cost for your project
  • Apply for the municipal permits
  • Hire our professional subcontractors
  • Schedule, supervise, and follow-up of work
  • Open supplier accounts and order material
  • Generate reports on the progress of your project
  • Turn key solution or project sections only (ex. shell) (optional)

All our subcontractors are accredited by the Régie Bâtiment du Québec and their employees have their CCQ competence card

All our subcontractors are responsible for their work

Our Priorities

  • Execute work in an organized manner
  • Contain costs to a minimum
  • Perform the quality control of work

Benefit from cost savings due to General Contractor’s volumes and negotiated prices

Benefit from cost savings by having the opportunity of doing some of your own work, with exception of plumbing and electrical (as per law)


Customer Requirement

  • Purchase lot
  • Provide house plans (optional)
  • Choose finishing for interior and/or exterior
  • Sign contracts and pay invoices directly to our subcontractors and suppliers


Our Rates

  • Our management fee is 12% of the cost price excluding taxes